Landscape Architecture Services

Our landscape architectural services carry the same vision as our residential landscapes, as our solutions are inventive, respond to each site’s uniqueness, character, opportunities, and challenges. Our goal is to provide our clients with a professional and comprehensive approach to various levels of land planning. We have nearly ten years of experience in the following services:

NH and MA Site Design and Permitting

  • Analysis of Existing Conditions
  • Land Planning, Feasibility Studies
  • Site Organization and Building Siting
  • Pedestrian Circulation and ADA Compliance
  • Planting Design, and Planting Plans with LA Stamp
  • Screening
  • Landscape Accent Material Selection, including signage
  • Viewshed Analysis and Treatment
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Assistance with Planning Board Design Review 
  • Assistance with Planning Board Approval
  • Color renderings and/or photo simulations of proposed changes
  • Collaboration with Professional Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors 

General Plan Preparation

  • Site and Land Characteristics Analysis, including visual quality
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Parks/Recreation, Open Space, and Conservation Planning
  • Conceptual Master Planning and Graphics
  • Landscape and Lighting Master Plans
  • Sustainable Planting Design
  • Xeriscape and Rain Garden Design
  • Landscape Screening and Buffer Plans
  • Site Layout and Site Grading Plans
  • Materials Selection, Construction Documents, and Cost Estimates
  • Illustrative Graphics and Visual Interpretation Plans

Supporting LA Skills

  • Analysis of Site Plan, Subdivision, Cluster Subdivision, and other municipal regulations
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Land Planning/Due Diligence
  • Site Observations and Construction Supervision
  • Landscape Illustrations and Renderings
  • Landscape Phasing and Long Term Maintenance approaches