Windham NH Pool & Patio Design & Build 2012

On this steeply sloping site, the terrain was carved into a sequence of landscaped terraces, supported by a pair of undulating retaining walls.  When turning the corner into the rear yard, the upper terrace conveys a sense of arrival through an expansive lawn, overlooking the pool area.  A granite stair case channels the users in, winding them through two lush landscape terraces, connecting the upper lawn, driveway and exterior architecture to the lower terrace.  The lower terrace contains an irregularly shaped pool.  An expansive patio surrounding the pool provides ample room for lounge chairs.  A raised patio connects to the main patio, providing dimension and a secluded space for a fire pit.  Additional patio space is provided beneath the rear deck, creating seating opportunities in the shade.  An Grotto with a built-in waterslide provides a back drop to the pool, which adds an excitement element for the kids and kids at heart.  A variety of planting beds break up the expanse of hardscape, providing visual interest around the pool area.  The planting design was inspired by a tropical motif, at the request of the home-owner, and focuses on a unique combination of large leaves, large summer flowers, glossy foliage, and year-round color.  The outdoor living space is illuminated with patio lights and up-lighting to focus on the unique combination of ornamental trees.  A series of outdoor speakers are available to liven up any party.  A combination of evergreen trees, fencing, and other architectural features enclose the space, which brings down the scale of the project and creates a space that is intimate and enjoyable.