Price Guide

Front yard

  • Entranceway

    A small entrance with paver walkway and landing.

    A medium entrance with block retaining wall, steps, paver walkway, and landing.

    A larger entrance with a combination of materials, walk, walls, steps, and landings.

  • Retaining Wall

    A small wall, using Inexpensive block.

    Two-tier block retaining walls with decorative pillars.

    A large, 2-tier functional block wall system with grand stairs and landings.

  • Pillars/Accent Wall

    Natural stone small garden pillars.

    Medium block accent wall and granite sculpture.

    Mirrored natural stone accent walls with pillars.

  • Gardens/Foundation Plantings

    Low maintenance plantings with perennials/low cost shrubs. Includes soil & mulch.

    Garden along foundation with combination of specimen plantings, evergreens, shrubs, and perennials. Includes soil & mulch.

    Garden with multiple specimen trees, evergreens, and high cost shrubs. Includes soil & mulch.

  • LED Lighting

    Small system with a few tree light LED fixtures.

    Medium system with 10-15 LED fixtures.

    Large system with 15-20 LED fixtures.

  • Driveway

    Small paver and cobble accent.

    Medium paver driveway.

    Large paver driveway with turnaround.

  • Grading & Sodding

    Small yard with minimal grass.

    Average front yard.

    Large front yard.

Back yard

  • Side Walkway

    Flagstone stepping stones.

    Medium paver walkway with landing.

    A more complex side yard with natural stone steps and retaining boulders.

  • Patio - Sitting/Dining Area

    Paver patio large enough for some furniture and dining set.

    Medium, 2-level paver patio.

    Raised paver patio with wall(s) and steps.

  • Patio - Pool Area

    Small paver patio around perimeter of pool, small area for chaise lounge chairs.

    Average paver patio with area for lounge chairs and dining furniture.

    High-end paver patio around large pool with areas for lounge chairs, dining furniture, and kitchen.

  • Retaining Wall/Steps required?

    Small block retaining/sitting wall that solves small grade change.

    2-Tiered block retaining wall system with steps and landings, needed to retain slope and access lower patio.

    Substantial retaining wall system for steep back yard. Creates large level area for outdoor living spaces.

  • Sitting Wall

    Small block sitting wall with cap.

    Medium block sitting wall with back.

    Large block retaining/sitting wall system.

  • Pillars

    Small block pillar kit with cap, used for grill and counter space.

    Formal block pillars with cap around patio area.

    Natural stone structural/supporting pillars.

  • Outdoor Kitchen/Built-in BBQ/Bar

    Small kitchen with grill and counter space *Appliances extra.

    Medium kitchen with room for grill and warmer, fridge, and other appliance, with granite counter. * Appliances extra.

    Large kitchen with granite counter and bar top. Room for grill, fridge, sink, and other appliances. *Appliances extra.

  • Firepit/Fireplace

    Small block fire pit. *Varies for gas and wood burning options.

    Outdoor wood-burning fireplace, concrete block.

    Outdoor wood-burning fireplace, natural stone.

  • Pergola/Covered structure

    Sheltering poolside wood pergola.

    Longspan pergola, extending from home. Creates outdoor room.

    Full outdoor structure with pool house, outdoor kitchen, and dining area.

  • Swimming Pool

    Small radiant pool set into slope.

    Medium vinyl pool (coping extra).

    Large gunite pool with spa (coping extra).

  • Pool Coping

    Clip coping for vinyl pool applications.

    Block coping for medium-sized pool.

    Granite or natural stone coping for large pool.

  • Waterfeature/Pool Waterfall

    Small garden water feature.

    Mid-sized raised block garden wall with sheer descent waterfall.

    Large natural stone waterfall into pool.

  • Fencing

    Chain-link fencing, small yard.

    Aluminum fencing, medium backyard.

    Vinyl privacy fencing, large backyard.

  • Gardens

    Low-maintenance, deciduous/low-cost plants around patio area.

    Combination of specimen trees, evergreen speciments, flowering shrubs, and grasses around pool.

    Full rear-yard garden application with garden paths, specimen trees and shrubs, plant massings, seasonal and color interests.

  • Garden - Privacy Screening

    Small row of low-cost shrubs (i.e. lilacs) to create screening in the summer months.

    Medium evergreen screening (i.e. arborvitaes) of the same plant species.

    Large plant screening with evergreen trees and large woodland shrubs with seasonal flowers.

  • Grading and Sodding

    Small backyard.

    Medium backyard.

    Large backyard.

  • LED Lighting

    Small lighting package with 4-6 path lights.

    Medium application package with accent lighting on vegetation and path lights ( 5-10 LED lights).

    Large LED light application with accent lighting on vegetation, in walls and stairs, path lights, and against building (10-20 LED lights).

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  • *This tool provides a rough estimate only and is not meant to give exact costs.

    Other costs to consider:.

    • Design fees: can range from $500 to $3000
    • Permit drawings and fees: can range from $1500 to $5000
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