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Design Works is a full service Design/Build and Maintenance landscaping company which means that our Team is fully staffed and trained to design, install and maintain our projects

Our practice tells us that good design and planning really do make the difference between an extraordinary project and an average one. We highly recommend taking the first step with us through Landscape Design.

Residential Packages

Your ideas and requirements are unique and design solutions should be too. We want you to have options because landscape design is simply more than one-size fits-all.

Basic Installation Package

Starting at $2,000 installed.

If you’re looking for the timeless principles of landscape design and quality installation on a budget, this planting installation package is perfect for you. We’ll use reliable and commonly available local nursery stock to give your property a boost. With your approved budget and guidance on planting style, we will pick out the plants, deliver them to your site, provide on-site design, and install everything in one fell swoop. Easy peasy.

Best Buy Installation Package

Starting at $4,500 installed.

This Installation Package comes with a professional planting drawing to scale, including placement of planting beds, trees, plantings, landscape lighting, as well as a complete list of plants to be installed. It also comes with a whole lot of our passion because we LOVE and KNOW our plants.

This package generally applies to medium-large landscape planting installations with a more specific program and site opportunities/challenges. The design may include a combination of your “gotta have plants,” natives, long-lasting blooms, interest in every season, fragrance, a play on colors, textures, and form, functional screening trees – you name it. We will choose the right array of plants for the right locations.

Our planting installation will address your needs and tastes and we will work with you to make sure all the design features you want are included.

1-Time Consultation

Starting at $350.

This package is for homeowners who have many landscape dreams and ideas and need a little help getting started in the right direction. We can help! Our head landscape designer will sit down with you at your home for a minimum of one hour. We will listen and discuss your needs and the ideas will be brewing. We will use our design expertise to create a schematic layout plan. Before leaving, we will provide you with a PDF of plan and a planting list to keep for your planning purposes.

3D Design/Architecture

Our 3D landscape design service allows us to really enhance the design and gives you the opportunity to see the placement of proposed planting beds, trees, shrubs, perennials, and landscape lighting. 3D design has been a client favorite to help visually understand the project investment before we even start installation.

3D designs are perfect for the client who needs to see something to visualize the possibilities.


A la Carte

Digital Gallery of Plants

In the wonderful world of plants, we refer to them by their botanical (or Latin) name, which can be a little daunting when reviewing a planting plan and materials list. To help, we can provide you with an organized, digital gallery and/or image plan to correspond to your unique planting plan. Please ask!

Plan Rendering

Plan renderings are a beautiful way to illustrate your plan in color and in detail. This tool brings depth and life to a 2-dimensional plan using a combination of our Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator programs.

Landscape Master Planning:

Starting at $1,500 designed. Design Works offers Landscape Master Planning to create a vision and roadmap for a successful and beautiful landscape. We offer a limited amount of Planting Master Plan projects from December 1 – end of February; helpful for the homeowner planning for a spring and/or phased installation. Please refer to other packages for design services outside of this time frame. Thank you.

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